Hello and welcome to my official page! I am glad to see you here so let me introduce myself and by telling you my story!

My kennel “Bodyguard Land” is situated in Tbilisi, Georgia, a beautiful small capital of a beautiful country, which many of you probably have not heard about yet. So let us start from here. Georgia is a country located on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia. Nestled between the Greater Caucasus and Lesser Caucasus maintain ranges, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north and northeast by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.

Georgia lies on the ancient path connecting Asia and Europe, the so-called Silk Road.

But let me go back to the dogs!

The very first Cane Corso appeared in my house in 2005. Since that time the Corso had conquered my heart! I started detailed learning this unique breed! I had travelled a lot to get as much information as possible! As a result my first bred litter arrived on June 17-Th, 2009. Then I left the first self-bred puppy in the kennel. It was Bodyguard Land Biver Jazz. Jazz started very well, winning Baby Best in Show at the very first show in his life! He became the best male of the International Show among all breeds (King of the Show) from Junior class. At the World Dog Show in Paris he was second in class with the huge entry ; at the all breed show in Ukraine he easily went Best in Show! At the age of 3 years he had been International Champion and Champion of several countries. He was Best of Breed at the specialties in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

During particular time I have imported several puppies and grown dogs from the very famous kennels such as: Della valle dei lord, (Italy) Dell rosso malpelo (Italy), Della porta dipinta (Italy) Corso of Bajer (Czech Republic), Iz dinastii championov (Russia) All together there were 8 puppies and 2 grown dogs imported from abroad. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the breeders who helped me a lot. These were Lugi Di Rienzo, Simonna Tanzarella, Mariano Di Chicco, Sarka Bajerova and Eilia Gadukova.

For the moment I have bred champions of GEORGIA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, BELARUS, POLAND, LITHUANIA, LATVIA, ESTONIA, SLOVAKIA, MOLDOVA, SERBIA, BULGARIA, CYPRUS, PHILIPPINES, MONTENEGRO, AZERBAIJAN, ARMENIA AND KAZAKHSTAN. Dogs bred by me live in many different countries, such as USA, Germany, China,Czech Republic,Switzerland,Turkey,Japan,LITHUANIA, LATVIA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and  Armenia

My goal is to contribute to the breed and get the dogs, which I really consider a proper Cane Corso type what is really based upon exterior, health and correct psychic.

In 2012 a friend of mine a very well known Frenchie breeder Revaz Khomasuridze presented me a puppy. A`VIGDORS DEBUTANT DU BAL MASQUE aka Bali became my and the family`s best friend! He is not just a dog he is a bulldog! Since that time I have always said-I have dogs and a bulldog!-More of this he is a great show dog! International Champion, Best in Show winner he has won everything wherever he had been shown! I may say he has changed my life once again! Nowadays I have three beautiful Frenchies.



Sincelery yours,
Beka Metreveli