Aramis Del Rosso Malpelo

A little musketeer!
Aramis came to Georgia from Italy. He was bred in a famous Italian kennel Del Rosso Malpelo. Being a son of a famous Conan dei Dauni he is a typical representative of Simona Tanzarella`s breeding lines. Ideal character, good musculature, typical head, strong bones-this is Aramis, who`s behavior, mimicry, the way of playing looks like gorilla, what had been mentioned many times by those who saw him for the first time. At first sight he is a scary and fierce creature ready to kill anybody but in fact Aramis is a real gentleman who never damages without cause. In my opinion his character is the best a Cane Corso can have. Hopefully he will reproduce and pass these genes on to his offspring.
His brother, Italian champion Zacaria Del Rosso Malpelo is a stud dog at Della Porta Dipinta kennel and another one, Italain and European champion Zar Del Rosso Malpelo has the same role in Del Rosso Malpelo. There are eight Italian champions, one World Winner (Paco) and European Winner (Ettore) in the pedigree of Aramis. He is a very important stud male for my kennel. He sired such dogs as Biver Jazz, Bodyguard Land Berta, Bodyguard Land Anita. All these dogs were bred from different brood bitches. Without him I would not achieve that level in breeding. Thanks to Simona Tanzarella!